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Dawn DeAno

Dawn DeAno graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BA of Graphic Design in 1990. She had a desire to make a difference and immersed herself in the work of the non-profit sector. But it led her away from her creativity. Dawn realized she needed to find a way to combine her need to illuminate the underrepresented in the world and her creative drive. Photography became the perfect medium. For the last 10 years, Dawn has worked for a variety non-profits on crafting visual stories. From 2005 to 2007, she partnered with Reach Community Development in Denver to create a series of environmental portraits about the city’s need for affordable housing. In 2007, she helped to create the contemporary portraits for History Colorado’s The Italians of Denver exhibit. More recently, Dawn has served as artistic director for Basic Rights Oregon’s Coming Out as a Person of Faith traveling exhibit to garner support for marriage equality and collaborated with multiple non-profits, for-profits, and city entities in Portland, Oregon, on the Lents Storyyard project, creating and installing life-sized portraits in an outdoor public space as part of a neighborhood pride-of-place project for residents. For more information, visit