Issue 1: Brave New World

2012-07 Brave New World - landing page - image 2

Welcome to the BRAVE NEW WORLD of grantmaking and a new collection of insights about the foundations and future of philanthropy. Our objective is to share key knowledge of grants professionals gained through years of experience in grants management; explore the trends and practices of modern grantmaking; and drive forward thinking and progress that will shape new approaches to delivering mission-critical funding and support services. Grants managers are critical players at every stage of grantmaking. We are the process keepers, data collectors, content integrators, report producers, and operational experts who make up the constant hum of activity at the core of philanthropic giving.

The editorial team of GMNsight—all volunteers, and members of the Grants Managers Network—represent just a fraction of the knowledge, talent, and dedication of GMN’s nearly 2,000 members. While this journal is a product of the Grants Managers Network and practitioners working in grants management, we hope the insight and outlook shared here will find reach beyond this area.

To that aim, we encourage you to share these articles with your colleagues and share your feedback with us; if you are working on, wondering about, or waiting to discuss important issues, we want to help drive those conversations with content in future editions of GMNsight.

For this first edition, we took inspiration from the recent GMN annual conference and focused on the brave new world of grantmaking. Merging evolving perspectives on purpose with innovations in grantmaking processes, including incredible developments like cloud technology and Big Data, we hoped to establish a common understanding of where grants management is right now. In future editions, we will expand on this shared concept with content that is both tactical and practical, but also provocative and compelling. Thank you for joining us at the beginning of this journey. We look forward to advancing grantmaking together.