Issue 5: Grantmaking Matters

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Let’s take a look at how the nuts and bolts of grantmaking–budgeting, operations, and measurements–are changing in this modern era of new technologies, wider attention to non-U.S. grantees, and shifting ideas on what financial materials from funders are really necessary in the application period.

Where are the gaps in your organization’s approaches? Is your team laboring through an administrative bog, sifting through data and documentation? Some might say these are necessary evils, but isn’t there a better way? Absolutely.

If your group is struggling to stay ahead of the avalanche of paperwork, look no further than this issue of GMNsight: Grantmaking Matters. We’re exploring how best practices, when used effectively, make teams better able to organize and access essential information for both day-to-day management and institution-wide reporting. In fact, some of our favorite best practices in this issue are all about eliminating certain practices altogether. There’s something enormously thrilling about the idea of doing away with a sacred cow that has become an albatross, especially if it opens space to do more relevant, measurable work that advances the impact of your organization’s mission.