Issue 6: Collaboration

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We talk a lot about learning best practices from other organizations. And, yes, it’s a great idea to look at another team’s map and use it as a guideline on your journey. But, what if you decide to hook up and walk the path together?

When it comes to philanthropy on a big scale, is there strength in numbers? Many organizations are saying “yes” as they link together to meet common goals. Collaborations between foundations and between non-profits and communities are becoming downright trendy, and that’s a good thing — goals are better achieved (or if not, lessons learned for improvement), new structures and relationships are developed for future alliances, and potential consolidation of practices can be examined with an eye toward increased capacity and integration.

Pitfalls exist for teams that don’t approach partnerships with enough internal and external strategic planning, but – good news – enough models are emerging now for collaboration between entities of every size that best practices are available for the picking, even in the international sphere. The increased willingness of foundations to collaborate with to learn from each other, align efforts and create and implement solutions on micro or large scales is allowing great things to happen all over  the world. Go teams! See how they’re doing it in this issue of GMNsight: Collaboration.