Issue 8: Streamlining and Beyond

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Project Streamline proved that relieving the burden on grantees can make more time for mission, and that it’s the responsibility of funders to do that. But Project Streamline focused primarily on efficiencies created through better application and reporting mechanisms, and the ability to streamline has shown up in places far beyond those two areas. In this issue of GMNsight: Advancing Grantmaking, we look at what it takes to build a streamlining culture and how that culture and intention can be used to further the work of the foundation by furthering the work of the nonprofits served.

Our guest co-editor for this issue of is Kris Putnam-Walkerly, a national philanthropy expert and advisor. Author of the Philanthropy411 blog, Kris leads the fight against “delusional altruism,” which occurs when funders, overwhelmed by process, lose sight of their true philanthropic goals.