Writer’s Guidelines

GMNsight: Advancing Grantmaking, the journal of Grants Managers Network, begins and informs conversations about issues of interest to grantmakers, grantmaking, grants management professionals, and the philanthropy sector as a whole. Articles should be written in clear, jargon-free English and should include links to online resources for additional learning or explanation. Where possible, GMN encourages opportunities for interaction between writers and readers through blog posts with comments, Facebook discussions, or Twitter chats. Our goal is to make the journal accessible to a variety of readers: grantmaking practitioners, scholars, policy-makers, thought leaders, and journalists, among others. GMN follows the AP Stylebook. House style sheets may be sent to authors as part of the revision process.

Types of Articles

GMN publishes articles of varying lengths and encourages writers to fully cover the topic at hand. The following word counts and article formats are recommendations only.

Features Covers a broad range of issues related to the issue theme (if themed) and introduces a variety of perspectives. They include links to online references for more learning. Visuals are important additions to feature articles and include charts and graphs, stock art, infographics, and data visualization imagery.

  • 1500-2500 words
  • Utilizes subheads, bullets, and images to break text into readable online format

General Interest Similar to feature articles but intended for faster reading

  • 750-1200 words

Point/Counterpoint Presents two sides of the same issue; thought-provoking, discussion generator. Best when followed by interactive online elements like Facebook discussion or Twitter chat.

  • 500-750 words each side represented

Interviews One-on-one Q&A with expert, thought leader, or other key practitioner. Includes links to online references for more learning.

  • 500 words

How To Instructional articles presenting step-by-step details on performing a specific task. Includes links to online references for more learning.

  • 300-500 words plus visuals / screen shots

Best Practices Review and compendium of available tactics and techniques. Includes links to online references for more learning.

  • 300-500 words, generally presented graphically

Survey and report Employs interviews or questionnaires plus review of findings and commentary on current/future outlook. Includes links to online references for more learning.

  • 300-500 words

Book Reviews Review of new literature covering topics of importance to philanthropy and grants management. Includes links to online references for more learning.

  • 300-500 words

Opinions Personal opinions, perspective, or viewpoint about a matter of importance to philanthropy and grants management

Article Abstracts

  • 300-500 words
  • What is the purpose of the article? [action verb answers: inform, educate, provoke, etc.]
  • What is the issue that is addressed?
  • Why is this issue important?
  • How do you know this is important?
  • What are your findings?
  • What is the bigger, more general field your article relates to?
  • What are the implications for the field of grants management or for philanthropy?
  • What do you recommend as further study for others?
  • What are the practical implications of the issue (how can the results be utilized by e.g. practitioners, society or companies)?

General Agreement

Grants Managers Network will own copyright to all published works and have the right of first publication, both in print and online, unless other arrangements are made with the editors in advance.

Questions/comments: contact Nikki Powell at npowell@gmnetwork.org.